Work with me

Do you want me as partner or for taking photos of an event or campaign? Write an E-Mail to and we can discuss everything else…

I also always search for models, who are interested in doing a TFP Lifestyle / Fashion Photo Shooting with me in Bremen in Germany and around.

Because of TFP, it would be free for both of us.

What I can offer:

  • Lifestyle and Fashion Photography Shootings, no Nude Photography Shootings
  • In selected places, where I already did this kind of shootings
  • All photos of the shooting unedited, available as folder in a cloud and only available for both of us.
  • A selection of the best ones, in my opinion, of the shooting, edited by me. (also as folder in the cloud)
  • Experience in doing these photo shootings

I require:

  • That you choose your outfits you want to wear during the shooting
  • The right to use the photos for my own artworks (see below)
  • The right to share the photos and artworks on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Vero) and to share these photos also here on my own website. This include that I tag or link your profile under every post.
Some of my artworks, I’ve created with photos of these shootings
Some photos I took during one of my last shootings (a few have been edited)

You are interested? Great! Write me a E-Mail or use the contact form on my website, which you can find under the contact menu, to tell me, how I can reach you, so that we can talk about everything else!


Your Knut