How I edit my pictures

An very important part of creating good photos, is also more and more how you edit your pictures.
I know about that too and I am using because of that Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for one and a half year, to edit my photos.
But I edit them not much, at least only so much that I don’t change the colors of the image as blatantly as many influencers do on Instagram. I only darken the sky, make the green and yellow tones warmer, and increase the contrast of the photo. 

It will look that way:

But generally, I would say that the photo itself and its composition, is more important than how you edit the photo. For example, I edit sunset and sunrise photos not really much and only because I take them a little too dark, to keep the details in the sky. But this has the disadvantage, that the shadows are not detailed, why I bring this details back with my editing.

Here is an example:

I took the photos I used here recently during my Iceland trip by the way!✌️

Have a nice day!😊



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