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Good option to make your images visible: An acrylic glass canvas by Saal Digital


At the beginning of this year, I could test out the acrylic canvas by Saal Digital.


And the result I got, was very satisfying. The color fidelity of the canvas is good, the colors are beautiful and the displayed image is sharp enough.

Yeah, only sharp enough, because I think, the picture could be a bit sharper. But that could also be because it is printed on acrylic glass. It is not uncommon for Alu-Dibond canvases, for example, to show pictures in sharper detail than acrylic glass canvases.

But what I also noticed positively is the processing quality of the canvas. I could not find any shortcomings in this aspect.

Ordering process

The ordering process was somewhat more complicated than with the competitors.
This is because you have to download software for your desktop or smartphone to design and order your product.
Something, that is easier with competitors, because there you can design and buy your product directly in the browser.

But, on the other hand, the editor of this software has many features, with those you can create your canvas. Definitely more than other competitors partially have. This is definitely a big advantage.

Positive was also the Delivery. The order was processed quickly and I received it within a week.

But one should always consider the price. In my case, the canvas cost 48,99 Euro, in the size 20 x 30 cm, with the common suspension. Furthermore, this version was at the time of the order also cheaper, than at the present time.


The acryl glass canvas by Saal Digital is a good option for anyone, for whom the price is not so important and who prefers a reliable and good quality and many processing options when ordering.

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