About the dutch island Vlieland

In this post, I want to introduce you to the small dutch island “Vlieland”, where I have been at the end of June. It is a very diverse island, which has many things to discover.

Nature and Landscape

Already, if one drives with the ferry to the island, one gets to see beautiful landscapes.

Landscapes full of green and yellow dunes and bright and white large beaches.

One thing that distinguishes the beaches of Vlieland from others in the world, is that on them drives the Vliehorsexpres, which has the special feature, to engrave with its tires a statement in Dutch on the beach when it drives.

And also beaches, where you can watch very beautiful sunsets. If you want, also with a drink in one of the few beach bars. You can also eat there, but keep in mind that you may not tolerate the food and dishes from there! Some of the people, with which I was there, tolerated the dishes from there not completely.

But Vlieland has not only beaches and dunes, it has also some parts with forests. And between these forests, you can find the largest lake of the island too. Its name is “Torenvijver”. You see it in the right one direct above this paragraph.

Who likes to take macro photos will discover also enough flowers and other suited photo motifs to photograph in Vlieland.

Who loves animals, will discover many different animals on Vlieland too. You can find there gooses, horses, seagulls and goats.


Besides the beautiful landscapes there, you can find also the city center of Oost-Vlieland with some beautiful and old buildings and some amazing and good restaurants.

That was my short review about the dutch island Vlieland. I hope you enjoyed to read it, I would be happy, if you give me feedback in the comments! Thank you! 🙂

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