About me


I am Knut Elbrecht, a 20 years old photographer and author from Bremen, Germany.

I get into photography through my parents, who gave me a small digital camera for birthday 2010. Since then I begun more and more to take photos and tried out many different kinds of photography.

I mostly take landscape and macro pictures, but sometimes I also like to go through the streets around me, to take photos of everything, that fascinates me.

Just as long as taking photos, I also write texts, mostly prose, poems and stories. This passion gives me the opportunity to think about my acts and my life and to describe my feelings in a very special way.
If you are interested, feel free to visit my german blog knutgeschrieben .

Furthermore, I am also a member of the international collective “Pictas Collective.” I would be glad, if you take a look at our website! 🙂